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Self Drive East Africa : 4x4 Car Rental Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania

Self Drive East Africa takes the lead in offering Road trips to Kenya , Uganda , Rwanda & Tanzania through its comprehensive Self Drive Car & Camp at very competitive rates.

Self drive East Africa gives you the freedom and privacy you desire with the convenience of driving at your own pace. Whether you are on a business trip or leisure holiday, book a self drive car rental and explore the town hassle free by driving a car of your choice like you own it.

We offers car rentals on Daily, Weekly and Monthly plans to fulfill your business travel needs, leisure travel needs and your weekend getaway needs. Our cars come with unlimited kilometres so you can count memories, not kilometers. You can either pick the car up from a predefined location or have your cars home delivered and picked up from your doorstep.

Find prefect 4wd self drive car hire on one way rental to experience East African national parks of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania on easy and stress free self-drive holiday in landcruiser jeeps with Rooftop tents. What are you waiting for? Book now and get the lowest prices guaranteed.


Kenya: Magical Kenya

Kenya is the former colony of the Great Britain. Nowadays it is the fastest developing country in the East Africa with its tourism booming mainly in wildlife & Culture.

The English language is one of the official languages of the country. This played a vital role in its hawkish development, as it eases up the communication for tourists, and makes the country more attractive for foreigners to visit in the tagline “Magical Kenya” which is not just an advertising trick, it is the reality that anyone can experience. 

Kenya’s incredible wildlife areas of the Mara, Samburu, Amboseli and Laikipia are recommended for self drive holidays with 4×4 Safari Land cruiser .

Uganda: Pearl of Africa.

In 1908 Winston Churchill declared Uganda the “Pearl of Africa” and its still the market language used by many travelers to identify Uganda , however from the vegetation found with in the Uganda national park, its true that Uganda is a pearl of Africa like the same magic Kenya .

Many Travelers that have done self drive in Uganda, they have accepted that uganda as according to MR Church hill, its the true Pearl of Africa. visit the primates in the wilderness of Uganda parks on Self drive Holidays

Meet Face to face with the Mountain gorillas in bwindi while on Self drive Holiday in Uganda with Self drive East Africa. Free Gorilla Permit Booking

Gorilla Tours
Tanzania_0001_Tanzania-Serengeti National Park-shutterstock_82512277

Tanzania: Authentic Africa

Tanzania has been the focus for many self drive travelers in East Africa for a very long time and it remains a truly exciting country to visit during your road trip adventure with 4Wd Safari Land cruiser with your roof top tent for camping adventure experience.

The wildlife is thriving, the landscapes are stunning and the Tanzanians are truly welcoming.

The Roads in Tanzania tourists destinations are not that good but the memories that you will leave with will be ever lasting self drive in East Africa.


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Self Drive Tours in East Africa Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania & Rwanda

Explore East Africa with 4×4 self drive trips and Experience the adventure,remote destinations & untamed wildlife with camping gear in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania & Rwanda

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