Self Drive East Africa: 4×4 Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania

Special offer for Self Drive East AfricaSelf-drive safari in East Africa doesn’t mean you have to drive all the time but we encourage you to do much more than just driving as we can book any activity in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi at your own whim and pace. Here are some great options for self-drive tours for East Africa.

Our Vehicles

Self drive East Africa specialized in 4WD Toyota Landcruisers and small 4×4 rav4s for off road adventure which are Modified with rooftop tents and luxurious camping gears reliable to enable you enjoy your private adventure and privacy while in the national parks.


With our travel experience in East Africa, we are happy to take care of your complete 4×4 self-drive trip to Kenya , Tanzania , Rwanda and Uganda Including reliable 4×4 car rental and camping gears with extra fridge. contact us

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Discounted Long term Car Hire LONG TERM  DISCOUNTS

Guaranteed! Book online Today for long term Self drive 4×4 with Rooftop tent & Camping to explore Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania & Kenya in one of our Reliable 4×4 Landcruisers.Unbeatable Prices. Types: Landcruiser LX,TX, TZ, Safari Van, SUV.
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Landcruiser rental in KenyaREPUBLIC OF KENYA (MAGICAL KENYA)

Kenya remains the most lovely destination within East Africa when it comes to self drive Safaris, Rental of full time Landcruiser with Rooftop tent is recommended for Kenya Safari the former colony of the Great Britain.


Explore the Pearl of Africa as you plan to visit the Mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees & climbing Mountains of the Moon in Uganda is unique while camping on Rooftop tent in bwindi’s gorillas in the Mist on Self Drive Safari in Uganda.


Explore Rwanda’s Mountain gorillas and big five in the wilderness while driving on the most developed roads in the entire East Africa in 4×4 Cars with pop up roof on Self drive Safari in Rwanda with Self Drive East Africa.

Video Credit to MARK DE ZAWRT : Travel in Uganda with a 4×4 with Self Drive Uganda Limited

Tanzania: Authentic Africa

Tanzania has been the focus for many self drive travelers in East Africa for a very long time and it remains a truly exciting country to visit during your road trip adventure with 4Wd Safari Land cruiser with your roof top tent for camping adventure experience.

The wildlife is thriving, the landscapes are stunning and the Tanzanians are truly welcoming check on Self drive Trips for family adventures.

The Roads in Tanzania tourists destinations are not that good but the memories that you will leave with will be ever lasting self drive in East Africa.

Top Car Hire fleets for Self Drive in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya & Tanzania

Landcruiser Rental in TanzaniaTOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO

With its affordability, pop roof, and versatility for rooftop camping, the Land Cruiser Prado is an excellent choice for your self-drive safari adventure.

Landcruiser with Rooftop TentsROOFTOP TENT LAND CRUISERS

Our well-equipped landcruiser vx with rooftop tent to explore Kidepo Valley national Park in Uganda on Self Drive Trip . Manual , Diesel, 4×4 , Working Ac.

Landcruiser Jeep v8 LAND CRUISER V8 with Rooftop

Explore Rwanda  & Uganda on Self drive Safari in Toyota Landcruiser v8 , Petrol, Automatic , working AC , with Rooftop Tent for wildlife & Gorillas.


Rent an extended Safari landcruiser recommended for group travels in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya! it comes with local experienced Safari driver, Air condition up to the back end seats.


Landcruiser 78 series takes the lead for family & group travels to Kenya , Tanzania on Self drive adventure with pop up roof or rooftop tents for wildlife watching in East Africa! it comes with Long range fuel tanks ( 2 tanks ) Diesel.

Land Cruiser 76 Series LAND CRUISER 76 SERIES

Toyota Landcruiser 76 series most reliable  Self drive Jeep for long term rental in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda on Lake Victoria drive expedition or family with Double Rooftop tents.

East Africa Self Drive Safaris – Privately Guided Trips

Self guided safari to East Africa is like no other experience when your sure of where you will be traveling in Kenya , Rwanda, Tanzania & Uganda in a strong Reliable 4×4 Landcruiser Lx or V8 backed up with the support of Self Drive East Africa.
Not sure where to start on your self drive trip? We have you covered to guide you and act as your local GPS for Africa trip.

If your planning to explore Uganda, Rwanda , Kenya , Tanzania on one way car rental consider some long safari options to enjoy relaxed road trip


4×4 Self Drive Safari in Uganda:

Go on self drive Safari in Uganda with experts in 4×4 Landcruiser for off road trips in Uganda on 11 Days camping in rooftop tent Tent co brand from Self Drive East Africa. Explore the Pearl of Africa with Us to most exciting Wildlife & Gorilla Safari park.


Self Drive Safari in Kenya

Explore the Magical Kenya on self drive Safari in reliable 4×4 landcruiser 76 series from model 2009 to 2016 to enjoy visiting Big five watching & Cultural trip with Self Drive East Africa on 24 Days private guided tour with camping in Classic rooftop tent! Visit Kenya on Self drive


Self drive in Kenya & Tanzania

Never miss to combine a visit to Masai Mara in Kenya & Serengeti in Tanzania on 2 weeks Self drive holiday in East Africa with top notch Camping rooftop tents from Self drive East Africa in strong 4×4 landcruiser for off road trips on 14 Days Self Safari in Kenya & Tanzania.


Chimpanzee TrackingSelf Drive in East Africa: 4wd Jeep

Self drive in Kenya, Tanzania , Rwanda, Uganda on 31 Days Road trip in East Africa with the leading local experts in local term car rental within the region ! Enjoy the freedom of wilderness camping in rooftop tent with reliable Toyota landcruiser 76 series from Self Drive East Africa!


Wildlife watchingSelf drive Safari  in Uganda

Explore Uganda on 35 days Self drive Uganda safari to visit various National Park which host the Mountain gorillas, wildlife & Mountaineering adventure to Rwenzori Mountains in an open Toyota land cruiser v8 with pop up roof for game drive in Queen , Murchison & Kidepo valley the true wilderness of Uganda!


Rwanda & Uganda Safari

Primate & Big five watching tour in Rwanda and Uganda? Dont miss to visit Kigali and Kampala on self drive Safari on 20 Days adventure to enjoy the primates and big five watching , boat cruise in the magical 4×4 jeep with pop up roof for wildlife watching ! grab the best offer for long term car rental.

Unforgettable Safari through Uganda with Self Drive Uganda I had booked a Safari Land Cruiser Extended with driver for an 11 day safari with my family. We were 5 tourists in the vehicle, which was very comfortable. Joan from the office advised me very competently. The price of Self Drive Uganda was very reasonable and the quality was very high. Joan booked the accommodation for me at no extra cost and took care of the organisation. Our driver Moses was outstanding. Very experienced, friendly, attentive, simply a good person. There were no complications on our trip and when there were, the driver was able to solve them. I can only recommend booking through Self Drive Uganda to everyone. I will definitely come back to Self Drive Uganda for my next trip to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania.
Great experience, great company - and there was Moses We as a family travelled through several East African countries with a very intense itinerary. We were very happy and delighted to have Self Drive Uganda both to organize a driver and a car for Kenia and Tanzania but even more to enjoy their services in Rwanda and Uganda. Everything was perfectly organized (thanks a lot to Rachael who was patient enough to answer all our questions ahead of the trip) with drivers who all met a high standard of quality. For Rwanda and Uganda our driverguide was Moses - both a great driver and an outstanding, friendly and caring personality (ask for him to drive you - you wil not regret it !).
Definitely recommend a self drive through Uganda and East Africa The experience of selfdriving through east africa is one that is hard to describe. Nature, Animals and the people are out of this world and we had a great time on our trip. We hired a car with Selfdrive Uganda for seven weeks. Even though the roads get extremly rough we only had some minor issues with the car and those were promtly and sufficently taken care of by Self Drive Uganda. Can fully recommend hiring a car here.
Margot F
Margot F
Wonderful self drive experience We rented a car on self drive for 15 days. The car was good and Joan & Edward always available if a problem arises. They also have mechanics in every corner of the country. One small point of attention will be for you to check the water levels every morning. If this is mentioned, it's quickly dealt with during the briefing, but it can be critical along the way. What's more, the guide Edward is a great person who showed us around Kampala. We highly recommend.
Rowdy B
Rowdy B
Amazing way to meet Uganda We were looking for a nice and adventurous roadtrip through Uganda. After contacting a few different rental companies we had a good feeling for Edward and his team. Without any doubts one of the best things we have done so far. Self Drive Uganda gave us lots of information about our trip before we even started and helped us very useful to make a decision for the type of car to choose. The contact went really smooth (always responding very fast, no matter what time of the day) and they were able to drop the car anywhere near Kampala/Entebbe. Same for the pickup. After spending 16 out of 19 nights in the rooftop tent, we do recommend this way of camping to anyone who is up for a very special way of exploring the Country. Especially experiencing the national parks with their roaring lions and hyena's during the night. Because the tent is on top of the roof, we felt very save and comfortable. The good thing from Self drive Uganda was more then just their way of contact. Their services are also excellent. We had some trouble with the brakes and decided to contact Edward. He made sure there was a mechanic coming whitin a short amount of time. They said the brakes releases where not good anymore. And however we where able to drive and also on the other side of the country. Edward was willing to change the car anyway. So thank you very much again
Xavi S
Xavi S
Great experience The experience with self drive was great. We booked a toyota prado and the tracking permits with selfdriveUganda. All the process was easy, and they answer all of our mails really quick. We picked up and returned the car at airport. They managed really good this process. Obviusly, you can't expect to have a new cars, because it have no sense on Uganda roads, our car have some age problems, but did the job really good. We had two problems in the car and in both cases, the answer of Edward from self drive Uganda was amazing. In 1 hour we had a mechanic solving it at our place. I absolutely recommend do a self drive in Uganda, the drive mode is absolutely different than europe, but it was easy to manage.
Perfect carrental and organisation We hired a car at Self Drive Uganda (SDU)I. It was an old car but the engine was very good. It was only a little bit thirsty ????. Nevertheless the car was fine. SDU also organised the gorilla and chimp tracking permits for us and the accommodations for our trip through Uganda. This was all good. We asked for average lodges/hotels and we got average. Of course we had to pay the permits and accommodations in advance. The was to be paid on arrival. We can surely recommend SDU. Only thing we would suggest is that they deliver the car with a full tank of petrol, because that is easier to fulfill than returning a car with an empty tank.
Beautifull Uganda Booking of the car and permits for gorillas & chimps was very good arranged and received quick response by email on questions we had to plan our own roadtrip properly. Furthermore good recommendations were given for campsites and lodges. In general the quality of the cars is not as good as the cars in Namibia and Botswana (did a roadtrip few years ago). However rooftop tents were new ! Had during our fantastic roadtrip some issues with the car. In case of issues, Edward can be contacted, responds quickly , supports you and comes with sollitions. He has contacts through whole the country and sends a technician quickly to you when there is a problem with the car. Would go for an oldfashioned the reliable landcruiser or hilux, handgear with limited electric accessoires. These cars are made for the bumpy roads and to go to the north (Kidepo). Thx Edward for the good support! Thx Joan for answering all our questions we had to prepare our own selfdrive roadtrip. Uganda was very beautifull and people are very friendly. Do not to forget visiting Kidepo!!!
Magnus L
Magnus L
4000km through Uganda and Kenya - can recommend the company Overall satisfied with our service from Self Drive Uganda with a few hickups on the way. We did a 4-week trip through Uganda and Kenya (with the same car) incl. dropoff in Nairobi. We rented a Land Cruiser LX 4x4 with tent on the roof. Car was delivered at our hotel in Entebbe with a full walkthrough of the car and camping gear. 1) Great communication from initial booking until handing over the car in Nairobi. Rachael and Edward were easily accesible via phone 2) Car had not undergone its' service when we picked it up, but after a call to Edward and Richael a full service was coordinated along our route, which worked out fine. Mechanic picked up the car and dropped off later the same day. 3) We went ~4.000km with the car and never encountered any problems. Checked the oil and coolant every 2nd/3rd day at gas stations to make sure everything was fine. No problems along the journey - went through all conditions with the car. 4) Rooftop tent was very good, however cooking gear was a bit outdated and missing items, hence we had to buy new/additional stuff ourselves. But overall fine. 5) Rachael helped book chimp permits, thx for this.
Cornelia L
Cornelia L
Good experience with rental of Landcruiser, after some initial hick-ups Rented a Landcruiser for our safari, self driving. After some fixing, car was in ok condition, though a bit shabby inside. Not new, but appropriate for our purpose. Drove about 2000km without any problems. Staff was responsive and friendly.



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