Things to know while self Driving in Tanzania

THINGS TO KNOW WHILE SELF DRIVING IN TANZANIA Tanzania, a country blessed with diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and vibrant cultures, offers a mesmerizing experience for adventurous travellers. Embarking on a self-driving adventure through Tanzania allows you to immerse yourself in its beauty, from the savannahs of Serengeti to the beaches of Zanzibar. However, navigating Tanzanian…

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Landcruiser v8 in the wild

9 Things to know while Self Drive Kenya

Things to know while Self Drive Kenya- Self Drive East Africa Kenya, often hailed as the “Safari Capital of the World,” beckons adventurers with its diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and rich cultural tapestry. Embarking on a self-driving journey through Kenya offers a unique opportunity to explore its iconic savannahs, lush forests, and pristine coastline at…

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Pop Up Roof Jeeps

Pop Up roof cars for Wildlife Watching Safaris – Self Drive East Africa. When your planning a wildlife Safari in Kenya , Tanzania , Rwanda & Uganda, Self drive East Africa do recommends the most cars that have open roof for wildlife watching unless your traveling with rooftop tents that your using as accommodation at…

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Burundi Safaris

Guide to Bujumbura City

Bujumbura Travel Guide- Burundi Safaris : Self Drive East Africa Burundi is a landlocked country bordered by Rwanda in the north, Tanzania in the East, Namibia in the south, DR Congo in the southwest. Burundi is covered by beautiful landscapes. The scenery is the most dramatic along the western and eastern borders. Burundi’s highest point…

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Cultural Experiences in Burundi

CULTURE IN BURUNDI The rich culture of Burundi is mostly based on local customs and is influenced by neighboring countries. Nevertheless, in recent decades, due to civil unrest and the aftermath of the colonial period, traditional culture has been hindered in its flourishing process. Local Languages The main languages spoken in the Burundian republic are…

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Hotels in Kigali

Accommodations in Kigali

Accommodation in Kigali- Self Drive Rwanda The pain of the 1994 genocide has helped unite the people of Rwanda, eliminating all tribal sentiments and forming a new community centered on shared responsibility with less tolerance for corruption. Tourism and business in particular have grown steadily over the last decade with countless international and local conferences…

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Hotels in Rwanda

Luxury Lodges in Rwanda

The Best Luxury accommodations in Rwanda; Self Drive East Africa Rwanda is a fast growing economy and tourism contributes to this growth. Whereas most tourists to Rwanda focus on the mountain gorillas, the government has worked tireless to diversify its major attractions. One can now go and spot the big five at Akagera National Park,…

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Rwenzori & Gorillas

Rwenzori and Gorillas

12 days Rwenzori Trekking (Kilembe trail) & Gorilla Trekking As insights and discovery keep showing up , the Team of Self Drive Uganda is determined to craft unique Self drive Trips or Guided Safaris for Travelers wishing to explore East Africa. Find the unique 12 Days Rwenzori & Gorillas within Uganda on Primate Safari Experience…

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Double Pick Up LandCruiser

Travel Tips for Self Drive in Kenya

Kenya Self Drive Safari Experience: Self Drive East Africa. There isn’t any better way to explore Africa’s extraordinary attractions like wildlife and scenery than driving at your own pace, and at your own leisure during a self-drive Safari The experience takes you through different African countries in different sub-regions including Southern region, Northern region, Western…

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Wildlife Game drive in Rwanda

What to expect on Kenya Safari

Home of the classical safari, Kenya combines some of the richest Big Five areas on the planet with landscapes that are truly grand and iconic. The Kenyan safari experience is highly developed, with a wide range of tour operators, lodges, and transport companies welcoming thousands of visitors every year. For the budget-conscious, there are overland…

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Uganda Gorilla Safari

Guide to Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Gorilla Trekking Uganda, Rwanda & Congo : Self drive East Africa. Gorilla trekking involves going on a guided hike through dense rain forest to spend time with a specific gorilla troop in their natural environment. Visiting these еnigmаtiс and beautiful creatures is a life-changing experience. Gorilla trekking is defined as a hike to the tropical…

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Cultural Safaris in Kenya

Cultural Safaris in Kenya Cultural Tours in Kenya takes you for an amazing encounter with Kenya’s indigenous tribes. Visiting Kenya’s tribes exposes you to their traditional beliefs, dances, pastoral life, festivals, marriage ceremonies, polygamous practices, food and lifestyles. While visiting theses tribes, you will notice just how hospital Kenyans is to foreigners. The Kenyan culture…

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