Self Drive Burundi- 4×4 Car Rental Burundi

When it comes to Burundi Self drive Safari, its the least developed among all the East African Countries ! If you wish to self drive to Burundi , consider starting your Rental from either Rwanda or Uganda and cross to the Republic of Gitega the Capital city for the adventure and exploring Lake Tanganyika, drum dance experience, Wildlife Watching in Rusizi National park backed up with Primate trekking in Kibira National Park.

Safari Vans (Omni Bus) 135$

An adventure to Burundi is unique in group safari to explore wildlife & Chimpanzees with the help of experienced team of Self Drive East Africa. Rent a mini van for long term adventure in Rwanda and Burundi with experts- travel like local in 9 seater Safari Van, diesel, working Ac & 4×4 .


Toyota Landcruiser  Prado TX / TZ  with Rooftop tent or pop up roof for unique adventure around Burundi on Long term rental from Self Drive East Africa! This jeep is recommended even on projects and family get ways  in Burundi.  Toyota Landcruiser Prado is automatic, Petrol.


Toyota Landcruiser 76 series recommended to self drive safaris Rusizi National Park & Kibira National Park for Chimpanzee tracking, Wildlife watching and the birding experiences close to the Gitega city for the drum local experiences in a Pop up roof landcruiser manual jeep on long term from 145$.


Rent an Extended Safari landcruiser with a driver guide to take you around Burundi National Park including Rusizi, Kibira! The extended Safari Landcruiser from Self drive East Africa comes with working Ac, Comfortable, 7 Seater from $220


Rent a Toyota Landcruiser 78 series for family vacations in Burundi on Self drive adventure with double rooftop tents for wildlife watching! it comes with Long range fuel tanks ( 2 tanks ) Diesel. Self Drive Safari in Burundi is recommended for unique experience.


Rent a Toyota Landcruiser v8 with a rooftop tent at 185$ to self drive around Burundi on unique private guided tour backed up by support of Self Drive East Africa. Dont miss to rent reliable jeep, classic camping gears, full time 4×4 to visit Rusizi National Park, Gitega Drums close Kibira

Burundi Self Drive Safari-

Self drive in Burundi is not developed like other East Africa? Good choice! Rent a car in Burundi from experts to self drive throughout Burundi. Ready to go on Self drive in Burundi? Get to the heart of Burundi the most Affordable destination in the world where your dollars and pounds stretches.

A road trip through Burundi’s National Parks is a recommended highlight of an Africa Self Drive Safari to explore big five animals, primates,Chimpanzees.

Rusizi National Park 

Explore Wildlife animals in Burundi by selecting to visit the Rusizi National Park for wildlife watching while on a self drive Safari in Burundi in 4×4 landcruiser from Self Drive East Africa.

Ruvubu National Park

Wildlife Watching is not popular as the case for Kenya & Tanzania ! when on self drive Safari in Burundi ,don’t miss to visit Ruvubu National Park in reliable Landcruiser with rooftop tents.

Kibira National Park

Explore Kibira National Park for the chimpanzee watching and nature walks with unique visit to the source of the Nile, water falls around Gitega Town in reliable Toyota landcruiser.

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Burundi National Parks

The Republic of Burundi is having only 4 national parks although the popular that are visited by travelers are 3 for unique Burundi Safari on self drive or guided Safari tour with experienced Safari guide of Self Drive East Africa. The top National Parks are Rusizi National Park, Ruvubu National Park and Kibira National Park.

Primate watching in Burundi Include the Chimpanzees, Monkey and wildlife spotting like the  well as wildlife watching include spotting , hippo giraffe, zebra, crocodile along side 600 species of birds found in Kibira National Park.

Plan to explore Burundi for an Eco Safari holiday that is tailored by Self Drive Uganda limited and other partner safari operators traveling in a luxury Land cruiser LX with pope up roof.

Car Rental Burundi 2023/24

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Car Rental with driver or safari guide in Burundi ! Contact the re-known East African Stars for your adventure to Burundi!