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Planning a Rwanda safari is never complete without without visiting the gorillas in the magical Volcanoes National Park. “Gorilla trekking is an adventurous lifetime tour one should never miss”. Plan a complete safari in Rwanda on Rented 4×4 car from Self Drive East Africa

Gorilla Safari In Rwanda.

What’s your suggestion about it or what are your expectations on a gorilla safari in Rwanda? If you have never traveled to Rwanda for a gorilla safari, this might become a challenging question on your side.  A gorilla safari is an undoubtful tour because the most exceptional exciting activity undertaken by the majority of visitors all over the world. Expectations on a gorilla safari in Rwanda gives a thrilling experience and our expecting participants should plan for it earlier.

For the first time visitors, in most cases wonder about the expectations on a gorilla safari in Rwanda and what makes Rwanda the best land for gorilla trekking? Rwanda has got the best jungles for habituated gorilla families with favorable weather conditions. Volcanoes National Park is located in the north-western part of Rwanda with over 10 habituated gorilla families. 8 trekkers are allowed in a group with a gorilla permit (MUST) per visit. Different individuals who have ever tracked gorillas in Rwanda have a different story to narrate due to the difference in their experiences.

Gorilla Permit in Rwanda

Gorilla Permit. The acquisition of a valid gorilla permit is a must in Rwanda for gorilla trekking. It’s offered by the Rwanda Development Board or a certified tour operator to allow you to trek one of the habituated Gorilla groups. This the major document considered if you wish to have a gorilla safari in Rwanda in accompany the other documents such as a passport for non-nationals. A gorilla permit costs only $1500 per person per trek.

Gorilla Trekking Dress code

Expectations on a gorilla safari in Rwanda include the appropriate dressing code while you in the thick rain forest in order not to hurt yourself. Every individual may consider any dressing code as being appropriate however during a gorilla trekking take note these;

  1. Long-sleeved clothes to protect you from the wet grass and preferably of lightweight.
  2. Hiking boots, these have a rubber sole for easy maneuvering through the soft soils in the jungles.
  3. Gloves preferably gardening gloves for protecting your hands.
  4. Rain jacket to cater for the unpredictable weather.
  5. Also wear cotton socks (for warmth), a hat (for the dripping water droplets), and a waterproof backpack.