Self Drive 4×4 Uganda – Car Rental with Rooftop Tents.

An adventure through Uganda is memorable when its self drive trip on a private guided safari backed up with unique bush camping on top your landcruiser in a rooftop tent from experts in Self Drive Safaris in East Africa.

In 1908 Winston Churchill declared Uganda “ The Pearl of Africa” and its still the market language used to identify Uganda which makes it favorable for your adventure holiday to enjoy wildlife watching in various  national park, as well as the magic Kenya.

An Uganda Safari must have the highlights of gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national Park or Mgahinga National Park back up with climbing Rwenzori Mountains and big five watching when your behind the wheels during game drives in 4wd Car Rental. Book your prefect Self Drive in Uganda with Us Now.

Toyota VX

4wd Car Rental Uganda

When it comes to Car Rental for Self drive in Uganda, trust the local experts of Self Drive East Africa to guide and take you a round various national parks with Rented Landcruisers at affordable rates.  Book quality 4×4 Cars land cruisers with or without Rooftop tent for your self drive Safari.

Ground tent Camping
$ 5 pp/day
Land cruiser GX, v8 & 7.0 Series
 $90 /day
Land Cruiser V8 with family rooftop tent
 $95 / day
Electrical fridge $10 / day

Uganda Gorilla Safari

We do have tailored Uganda Safaris that encompass the gorilla trekking,Chimpanzee watching & Wildlife watching guide or private guided staying in nice accommodations & Lodges. The team has the expertise in tailoring unique Uganda Safari and book your primate permit.

Gorilla Permit
USD 700
Gorilla Habituation Permit
USD 1500
Chimpanzee Tracking permit
USD 200
Chimpanzee Habituation Permit
USD 250
Gorilla Tours
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Uganda National Parks

When it comes to Self drive Safaris in East Africa, Uganda has a number of National Parks and Game reserves to visit on Uganda Safari tour that is private guided or customized by the local experts of Self Drive East Africa. Visit over 10 national parks for gorilla trekking , Wildlife Watching& Mountaineering adventures with us.

Park Entrance

Wildlife National Parks
USD45 /day
Rwenzori Mountains
USD 35 /day
Boat Cruise
USD 35  / day
Nature Walks  USD 20 / day

Car Rental Uganda Deals & Discounts

Self Drive East Africa offers Discounted Car rental on long term rental or one way car rental to discover the lake Victoria on 31 days East Africa Adventure on Self drive in Landcruiser with Rooftop Tent.

Get the best discount for your car rental on Self drive or with Driver guide during your Uganda Self drive Safari Holiday to spot wildlife & Big five animals.