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National Parks of Uganda : Things to do & See on Self drive Trip in Uganda

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Uganda ranked highly for road trips to visit over 10 national parks & wildlife reserves that habitats the gorillas , Wildlife, Culture and Birds in the wilderness of the pearl of Africa. From the planning of the ideals of self drive holiday to activity booking , 4×4 jeeps to airport drop , Self Drive East Africa takes the lead in offering reliable services with 24/7 helpline during your holiday in Uganda.

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About Uganda

Uganda is an amazing destination known as the pearl of Africa! A home to big five animals like Kenya & Tanzania but the exception self drive holiday includes mountain gorilla watching , Chimpanzee trekking.

The scenery in Kidepo national park & Pian upe Game reserve in the northern Uganda is the true rewarding areas that shouldn’t be missed by travelers planning to explore Uganda on road trips.

Discover , Explore & Experience National Parks

Uganda is referred as Pearl of Africa and a country with breathtaking scenery, natural wonders, exotic wildlife and fascinating culture. If you are traveling to Uganda for the first time, you may be hard-pressed to decide which places are best to explore.

Often overlooked in comparison to Kenya and neighboring Tanzania, the country is well worth visiting for its amazing national parks.  From mountain climbing to driving through the national parks in Uganda and gazing out over the Ugandan lakes, this diverse and awe-inspiring country is sure to enthrall you. The conservation and management of these areas falls under two principal agencies, the Uganda Wildlife Authority under the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry and the National Forest Authority under the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Uganda is an amazing destination for any nature lover to visit. Home to the Big Five as well as a plethora of creatures both big and small, this small country is definitely worth visiting for its abundance of wildlife and the astounding habitats they live in. Consequently, millions of visitors descend upon the parks each year to bathe in the beautiful scenery, hoping for a glimpse of the awe-inspiring animals in their natural habitats. With such a wealth of incredible sights to see, here are the most beautiful national parks in Uganda for you to enjoy.

National Park entrance fees in Uganda

The park fees as of 2019, per person / 24 hours are as follows:
USD 40 for non-residents
USD 30 for foreign residents
UGX 15,000 for East African Citizens (in case you go with a driver, that is the rate you will pay for him)
Entrance fee for your roadtrip rental vehicle is UGX 30,000 per (multiple) day visit.
Park fees for Kidepo, Semuliki, Mount Elgon and Mount Rwenzori are slightly cheaper at USD 35 / USD 25 and UGX 10,000.
You simply buy your entrance permit at any park gate. You can pay in cash, either US Dollars or Ugandan Shillings. When you go gorilla or chimp trekking in Bwindi or Kibale Forest national parks, the park entrance fee is included in your trekking permit.


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